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Short biography    
Echoboy is Richard Daniel Warren who lives in Leicestershire. He was born on the 3rd June 1973 in Sutton-In-Ashfield (Nottinghamshire). He has 1 brother.  

Music experience    
Richard's first experience in music was his own band "The Hybirds" in mid 90s. After the last sounds of their final tour muted he released his first Echoboy single "Fleshlegs" in July 1998 on Pointblank, a small label run by himself and his manager. In February 1999 his debut album "Echoboy" containing 8 track incl. "Fleshlegs" followed on the same label. After releasing a 10 inch for Earworm and a 7 inch EP for the Rough Trade shop label he played an entire album of new recorded material to Daniel Miller (label boss of Mute), so he could sign a contract with Mute Records in March 1999.
His label debut was the EP "Frances Says: The Knife Is Alive".In March 2000 his first album for Mute "Volume 1" followed. And just 6 months after the release of this critically acclaimed debut Mute album (and its two singles) the follow-up "Volume 2" was published. After 2 single releases taken from "Volume 2" you didn’t hear from Echoboy for a while – til he released "Automatic Eyes" as a preceded single for his 2003 album "Giraffe". Three singles more were published but Richard thought it would be time for a change, so he left Mute and started to work on a new album. The current album "Elektrik Soul Psymphonie" was released in June 2005 on Earworm Records - he returned to his roots.

(Updated: January 2006)
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